I owed a friend a character design for helping me out, and today’s his birthday and I had the day off SO I figured I’d do it. Not a commission but hey still stuff owed.
She’s not a hybrid, just a mouse with panda markings.


You know, I’m sure the 1st time you see an anime badguy go all “This is my final form!” it’s all cool and impressive, but after you see it in over a bajillion different anime/games I think we all just feel like One Punch Man

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Sounds like the best party ever.



my latest struggle, lava is way harder than it seems.. 

something ive been thinkin bout for a bit so i wanted to paint it! 

nice things to whisper when hugging someone



- you smell different when you’re awake
- please help me (then smile as if nothing happened)
- soon
- you have lovely skin, i can’t wait to wear it
- your hair tastes like strawberries
- tonight… you.
- he knows, don’t go home.
- i always knew you would die in my arms
- every time i poop i think of you
- no one will ever believe you
- yessssssssssssss
- i killed mufasa
- i bet you didn’t feel me lick your ear
- mother told me it would be like this

oh christ